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Amos Sussigan

Amos Sussigan (b. 1989 in Switzerland) is a Swiss director/ writer/ visual designer based in Los Angeles.

Amos Sussigan


Amos completed his diploma in Languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French, and German) in Switzerland, while working as a graphic designer for his own company. Working at a TV channel and two of Switzerland’s national radio stations soon followed– Rete 1 and Rete 3, as the youngest official Swiss Italian correspondent for Warner Brothers and Fox. On October 31st, 2011, at the age of 22, his first book “The Chocolate Oscar” got published by the Swiss publishing house “Armando Dadò Editore” and sold out three times. He graduated Magna Cum Laude and Departmental Award of Academic Excellence in 2013. He has been internationally awarded for writing and directing his heartfelt animated shorts “Broken Wing,“ and “Swan Cake,” traveling to more than 40 International film festivals around the world, including 6 major Academy Awards Qualifiers.

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Amos has been hired to art direct and co-produce “Aria for a Cow” one of the last songs of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid”), and produced by  Connie Thompson (Frankanweenie). “Aria for a Cow” qualified for an Academy Award in 2015. His latest short, “COASTER,” starring Nina West, qualified for an Academy Award in 2020. He is a voting member of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. After working for two years and a half at Paramount Pictures, he is now a visual development artist for Ryan Coogler’s Space Jam 2 at Warner Brothers. He worked for studios such as The Walt Disney Company, FOX, Dreamworks, Netflix, and keeps working as freelance director for artists such as Joe Brooks, Tammin Sursok (Pretty Little Liars), Caleb Hyles, Sinplus, and Luca Hänni.

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CoasterCoaster/ Amos Sussigan & Dan Lund/ Animated Short/2019
AriaAria for a Cow// Dan Lund & Amos Sussigan/ Animated Short/2015
WonderfulWonderful// Luca Hänni / Music Video/2015
STWOFSet The World on Fire// Luca Hänni / Music Video/2015
UptomeUp To Me// Sinplus/ Music Video/2014
MagicMagic// Joe Brooks/ Music Video/2014
LetthemcomeLet Them Come// Caleb Hyles/ Music Video/2014
SwanCakeSwan Cake// Animated Short/2014
BrokenWingBroken Wing// Animated Short/2013




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